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The Vietnamese version of the book "100 Social Innovations from Finland" came out in December 2017, and was published by the Vietnamese publishing house TRE. The book has been edited by Ilkka Taipale.

Ilkka and Vappu Taipale paid a visit to Hanoi as guests of TRE and the Embassy of Finland. There were two lecture events organized for the occasion; one at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, and additionally at a talk organized by the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the University of Labour and Social Affairs. Directors of the institutions, researchers and students all participated in the lecture events. Ilkka Taipale presented the core message of "100 Social Innovations from Finland" as the narrative of the Finnish development history.

Photo: Kari Kahiluoto
Ilkka Taipalee's visit
Ilkka Taipale came to Hanoi to tell about the book "100 Social Innovations from Finland", edited by him. The events were a success.

According to the book, there are five "secrets" of success to the Finnish history of innovations; the free education system, gender equality, municipal autonomy, civic society and large organization network and the tradition of consensus, including well-functioning trilateral labor model. The visit was a success and generated publicity in Vietnam. The interest for the Nordic model of society and experience in Vietnam is substantial and further growing.

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Updated 11/8/2018

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